Who Is Actioned For?

Team Managers

No matter how good a manager you are, it’s difficult to stay across everything your team is doing. It’s tempting to hold more meetings for status updates – but often meetings just waste a lot of time. So how can you make sure everyone is pulling in the same direction?

By using Actioned, you’ll know exactly what everyone is working on. It’s not intrusive time tracking software but it puts you all on the same page, working together. When you put the focus on accomplishments, you create a much higher level oftrust in the team. Seeing what everyone else is working on makes everyone much more conscious of maintaining their own productivity (not wasting time on less important things). It’s the easiest way to make a good team, great.

Team Members

Sick of being pulled in multiple directions without a clear idea of what’s most important? Tired of having meetings all the time just to tell people what you’re working on? Does it seem like no matter how hard you work, you never feel like you’re getting anything done?

Actioned provides a central point to record what everyone is working on, which increases team trust. It’s like an office whiteboard – but you’re in control of your agenda. Actioned gives you more autonomy by helping you demonstrate that you know how to prioritize your day and get things done. Your team members will have a better understanding of what you do – especially important for cross-functional teams.

Remote Team Members

If you work remotely – or even in another office – you can easily feel detached from your team. Sometimes managers fluctuate between pinging you questions all day, to going silent for days at a time – all because they don’t understand what you’re working on. Usually, you’ll have an overall project plan, but it can be a long time between updates.

When you use Actioned, you’ll plan your day ahead of time and know exactly what to focus on next. More importantly, your manager and colleagues will have more appreciation for your work and you’ll have a better understanding of the big picture. It’s a great way to stay truly connected with your team.

Self-Improvement Junkies and Productivity Ninjas

If you’re interested in improving your own productivity, Actioned is a great tool to help you focus and achieve your goals. Whatever type of goal you have, it’s your daily actions that count.

You can use it to track your actions towards your health or fitness goals, that book you’d like to write, launching your new business, or really any goal. You can use Actioned alone, but you can also tap into the power of accountability by teaming up with a partner or mastermind group to help hold each other accountable.

You’ll feel motivated by seeing your daily accomplishments build up, and with this system, you’ll work more efficiently than ever.

Coaches and Mentors

Do you ever feel frustrated about your clients’ lack of action towards their goals? You’ve had a great session talking about what they need to do, and yet the days slip by and very little progress is made.

With Actioned, you can set up an accountability system for your clients to track the actions they take towards their goal. Using this information, you can have a much more productive discussion, but more importantly, your client is much more likely to do the things they need to achieve their goals.

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