Types of Team Members for a High Performance Team

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Team performance is based on many things but one of the critical aspects is the composition of its team members. A high performance team is comprised of diverse team members that have come to understand and respect each other. However, sometimes it’s not so easy to recognize the important contribution towards the performance of the team that different members bring to the table. And maybe other team members don’t understand the role you play in the team and how you contribute towards team performance.

Understanding the different types of team members on your team can help you work together as a team much better and truly realize the phrase teamwork makes the dreamwork! Learning to understand the different skills, personality types, and communication styles of you and your team members can make it much easier for everyone to start working better as a team.

There are several elements needed to manage a high performance team, but today, let’s understand the different team member personalities and how they work together.


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5 Types of Team Members

There are several different models for understanding different types of team members. A couple of well-known ones include;

However, these models are now all quite dated and times have changed! Here’s a refreshed set of team roles and team personality types that most of us can relate to. Teams perform best when all of these roles are included in one way or another. Note, that it is possible that one person actually fits and identifies with more than one role – especially in very small teams.

So what are the different types of team personas? Here they are;

Team Performance Team Member Types Creative Spark

1) Team Persona: The Creative Spark

The Creative Spark is the ideas machine for the team!

Contribution to Team Performance

The Creative Spark is always looking for innovative new ways to do things and are great at thinking outside the box. This is an important skill to have on any team and one that not many people possess. This team member’s creative thinking, optimistic nature, and focus on improvement makes them a fantastic asset to the team.

Possible Team Performance Issues

The Creative Spark can become bored if there is not enough stimulus and projects take too long. They are also not great with details and their work can appear careless at times.

Team management tip: Ensure that the creative needs of these team members are met – if necessary, with extra projects outside of their core role. Provide checklists an coaching for quality assurance.

Team Performance Team Member Types Productive Dynamo

2) Team Persona: The Productive Dynamo

The Productive Dynmano is the workhorse of the team.

Contribution to Team Performance

The Productive Dynamo is focused on getting things done and enjoy achieving goals. While other people are talking about things, they’re actually doing them. This team member works hard and can handle anything that’s thrown at them. All great teams need a Productive Dynamo onboard!

Possible Team Performance Issues

The Productive Dynamo can sometimes be so engrossed in the work that they forget to ask enough questions or challenge whether something should even be done at all. They can spend a lot of time perfecting things that may not warrant that level of attention. They can also become burnt out if their workload is not managed carefully.

Team management tip: Coach this team member in taking time to prioritize and triage their work. Encourage them to let you know if they have too much on their plate.

Team Performance: Team Member Types Team Driver

3) Team Persona: The Team Driver

The Team Driver is the glue that holds the team together!

Contribution to Team Performance

The Team Driver keeps everyone organized and on task and are not afraid to follow up. This team member is great at facilitating meetings and putting in systems that keep everything running and moving forward. Without the Team Driver onboard, it’s very difficult for teams to work together!

Possible Team Performance Issues

Sometimes, Team Drivers can get so focused on the process of the team that they miss the bigger picture. They can also be intolerant of team members that work in a more ad hoc manner.

Team management tip: Encourage this team member to recognize the value that different types of team members bring to the team. Have a clear team or business vision and remind this team member of the overall goal.

Team Performance Team Member Types Intellectual Powerhouse

4) Team Persona: The Intellectual Powerhouse

The Intellectual Powerhouse is the brains of the team.

Contribution to Team Performance

When something goes wrong, the Intellectual Powerhouse is the person everyone turns towards to find a solution and solve the problem. They’re highly analytical and can tell a good idea from an average one. This team member’s specialist skills are rare and extremely important for the team.

Possible Team Performance Issues

The Intellectual Powerhouse has brains but often works chaotically and can be disorganized. They are also quick to judge ideas and other people’s work – even seeming pessimistic at times.

Team management tip: Help this team member recognize the value that other team members bring – perhaps by pairing them up with a colleague for a project. Although they’re often reluctant participants, team building activities are very useful for this type of team member.

Team Performance Team Member Types Maven Influencer

5) Team Persona: The Maven Influencer

The Maven Influencer is the team promoter.

Contribution to Team Performance

The Maven Influencer uses their networks and persuasive powers to break through roadblocks and get external support for the team. They know what’s important and always have the bigger picture in mind. This team member is great at communicating and they are also an enthusiastic, and sometimes entertaining, resource for the team.

Possible Team Performance Issues

Maven Influencers march to their own drum and they often don’t like having to adhere to too many team processes (and may choose to ignore them). They are full of ideas – but sometimes these are not practical and need to be shaped considerably.

Team management tip: This team member can be vitally important but also difficult to manage. Be clear about the goals and KPIs for the team and their role. Keep them focused on these.


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