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Meet the team behind Actioned…
We’re tiny now, but we’ve got plans to grow!

  • Fiona Adler
    Fiona Adler Founder

    Entrepreneur, adventurer, writer, wife & mum. Known for solving problems with technology. Passionate about helping people do the things they want to do! An Australian living in France, enjoying new experiences with her family.

  • Stanislav Hriaznov
      Stanislav Hriaznov Application Developer

      Developer, father and continuous learner. Values simplicity in development – which is often not the same as easy! Scrupulous about code readability and clarity of the ideas behind it. You’ll find him either working, spending time with family, or learning something new.

    • Vladimir Tolstousov Front-end Developer

      Experienced MERN stack developer, a stickler for unit testing, and someone with a lot of ideas for improving the user experience. A positive and cheerful person. Big fan of rock music. Loves to play logic games and solve logic problems.

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