Our Story

Here’s the back-story on how and why Actioned was created…

Why another productivity tool?

  • If you’ve been subjected to one too many “Work In Progress” or “Status Update” meetings, you’ll understand why we created Actioned.
  • If you’ve ever wondered what your team members are working on, you’ll understand why we created Actioned.
  • If you’re sick of Gantt charts and project management tools that over-complicate working together, you’ll understand why we created Actioned.
  • And if you’ve ever felt like your to-do list has no end and you’re sick of ending the day feeling dissatisfied with what you’ve accomplished, you’ll understand why we created Actioned.

Actioned combines a few simple, but profound productivity philosophies to help individuals and teams get more of the important stuff done.

Actioned is not a project management tool or a to-do list.

It’s much more effective than that…

The 4 Keys To Productivity

Most productivity and project management tools forget about the human nature aspect to productivity. This is why they all eventually fall by the wayside with overwhelming lists of incomplete tasks.

Actioned is different because it addresses the psychology behind productivity. It is based on including four key elements to productivity…


With Actioned, you’re asked to plan your day ahead of time. This shift to thinking about the day and what you want to achieve is subtle but powerful.

By proactively planning your day, it’s you who decides what’s really important and you who creates your day.


With Actioned, you focus on today and your short list of high-priority actions.

When you know exactly what’s most important for today, it’s much easier to avoid distractions and get a lot more done.


Accountability is an incredibly powerful force and is usually a big factor behind team and individual successes.

By sharing your intentions with others, you harness the power of accountability and get your team pulling in the same direction. No-one wants to let their colleagues down!


Instead of a never-ending to-do list, Actioned helps you recognize your accomplishments and feel good about your work.

Seeing your growing list of accomplishments highlights your progress and keeps team morale high.

About Fiona

Hi, I’m Fiona – the founder of Actioned.

I’ve always been fascinated by productivity and goal setting – probably since I first read “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey when I was in high school.

For me, there’s always been a chasm between high-level goal-setting, and the practicalities of “what do I do today?”.

It’s not enough to have grand plans and vision, if you can’t translate those into actions. And there’s also nothing to be proud of if you check off a whole list of to-do’s if they’re just low-level tasks that don’t really add up to much.

Over the years, I’ve developed a framework for getting the important things done. So I’ve decided to put it together in a tool for everyone to use.

With Actioned, I’ve put my process for getting the important things done into a system that helps you hone in on the most important things, and get into the habit of taking meaningful action – teaching you how to be more productive.

Many people I know have great ambitions and fantastic skills, and yet struggle to actually do the things that would help them achieve their goals. It breaks my heart when I see this happening! My mission with Actioned, is to provide a tool that makes it easy to do the things you want to do. It’s built primarily with a workplace in mind, but it’s equally applicable for personal goals.

I’m as flawed as the next person but using this productivity system, I’ve been able to achieve many goals (and get through some unwanted things life threw at me). Some of the things I’m most proud of include;

  • Summited Mount Everest – In 2006, I became the 3rd Australian woman to climb to the top of Mt Everest.
  • Completed my MBA – I studied part-time whilst working full-time building a business.
  • Founded (and later sold) an Online Business – I was the cofounder of Word Of Mouth Online (womo.com.au) which I grew to become Australia’s largest online business reviews platform.
  • Built (and sold) a Technology Service Business – I joined my husband and business partner to help grow Invizage Technology to over 100 staff. This business was later acquired by Telstra.
  • Tracked down my Father’s Birth Family – My dad was adopted and all records of his birth mother were destroyed. After much hunting, perseverance and detective work, I was able to locate and reunite him with his half-siblings.
  • Survived Breast and Thyroid Cancer – In 2017 I was found a lump in my breast which was later diagnosed as an aggressive cancer. A subsequent scan found a 2nd cancer in my thyroid. After almost a year of chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal therapies, I’m now thankfully well. (Obviously this was never a goal, but it’s something I’m proud to have got through.)
  • Obtained a “Skills & Talents” Visa for France – Although our lawyer advised that this was close to impossible, my husband and I were able to obtain this visa for our planned move to France.
  • Moved My Family to France – I was born and lived most of my life in Melbourne, Australia. In 2015, we packed up and moved to Annecy, France where we’re learning French and experiencing some new ways of life.

I’m also a wife and the mum of two children and much of the above has been done while balancing family life.

I hope you find Actioned useful and can use it to achieve some of the things you’ve been wanting to do.

If you’d like to get in touch, please contact me here.