Who can see my Personal Actions, Tasks and Goals?


Many people start using Actioned in a work setting – but Actioned can also be used to help you be more organized in your personal life too.

By default, everyone has a “Personal” Workspace. You can have Personal Actions, Tasks and Goals.

Please rest assured that NO-ONE else can see your Personal Actions, Tasks or Goals. They are for your eyes only.

The only information shared is the actions, tasks and goals for a workspace where you have team members. So if you have other Workspaces which do not have any team members, these are also private to only you. (Some people like to setup workspaces for different areas of their lives – eg Health, Family, Side Hustle, Secret Project, etc.)

The image below shows Personal Actions (in blue) mixed with some work actions for the ACME Pty Ltd workspace (in yellow).

Personal Actions

Team members that share the ACME workspace would be able to see the yellow actions, but not the blue actions. This is what they see when viewing the ACME Pty Ltd Actions.

team members cannot see personal actions

So feel free to use Actioned to plan your personal and work actions – after all, the lines are blurry these days. Most of us do some work during personal time, and some personal actions during work time.

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