How to Start Using Actioned


Congratulations, you’ve created an account! Now what though??? 🤔

Start with Actions

The whole premise behind Actioned, is to help you take action on the things that are important. Which is why we’ve made the opening view your actions.

  • Enter a few things you want to get done for today and the next few days
  • Each item should be fairly small – you should expect to be able to do it in an hour or less. (“New website” is not a good example, but “Find 3 website designers” works well.)
  • Drag and drop them to put them in the order you intend to do them.
  • Then, get into the habit of just starting with your first action and doing that until it’s done. Then take a break before starting the next action on your list.
  • As you get things done, mark them off in Actioned (just tick the circle next to the action).
  • You’ll notice that Actioned tracks how many Actions you’ve done for the week.
  • Get into the habit of actually doing everything on your list! It’s a great feeling!


Setup Workspaces

If you work with teams or want to separate different parts of your life, you should use Workspaces to achieve this.

  • Add a new Workspace and give it a name that is meaningful to you.
    • For a work team, this could be; the Business name, Department name, or Team name
    • If it’s just for separating your roles in life, it might be; Health, Family, Secret Project, Side Hustle, Hobby Name, etc
  • Choose a color to represent your workspace
  • Invite anyone else you’d like to have access to that workspace. If you don’t invite anyone else, it remains just for you (and no-one else can see it). If you invite team members, they’ll be able to see you actions, tasks and goals – but only the ones that relate to that workspace.
  • Then, when you add new actions, you can choose whether they’re “Personal” or for one of you workspaces

Use the Task List

The task list is like your master to-do list.

  • Put everything here that you think you want to do at some stage. Empty your head out here – it feels good!
  • Think about your priorities and change the timing of tasks by dragging them between the Now, Next, Someday and Backburner timings
  • For each task, you can add a description, assign team members, group them together in Projects, and add Actions.
  • You can also link an existing Action to a Task

Team Tasks

Get Clear on Your Goals

Goals are the reason for doing everything so it pays to force yourself to get very clear on your goals.

  • For each of your Workspaces (including your Personal one), think of a goal that you’re aiming towards
  • Ideally, each goal should be SMART – specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-framed
  • Goals are not structurally linked to Tasks or Actions but you should review them frequently and keep them in mind as you’re adding Tasks and Actions


Click here for more details about how to use actions, tasks and goals together.

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