How to setup different Workspaces (or Teams)


With Actioned, you can separate different parts of your work and life using “workspaces”. By default, everyone has a “personal workspace” and in addition to this you might have a separate one of “work”, or separate ones for each of your teams. Or, you might like to have separate ones for each major project you’re working on, or even one for different roles you play in life.

The reason to separate things is that you can then view them separately. And importantly, you can set different colors for each workspace – which gives you a nice visual way to see where you’re spending your time and energy.

Another reason to use separate workspaces is that you can invite colleagues or team members to join you in a workspace. That way you can all work together, whilst also keeping your personal things separate.

To set up a workspace;

  1. In the left menu, you’ll see a “+ New Workspace” link – click on that
    nw workspace
  2. Then you’ll be asked to name your Workspace and choose a color. (These can both be changed later if you change your mind.)
    Add workspace
  3. Then you’ll be asked whether you want to invite other people to join this workspace. You can always do this later as well. Either choose “Skip this” or enter the name and email address of someone you’re working with and click “Send Invitation”
    invite others to join workspace
  4. If you’ve invited someone to join your workspace, they’ll be sent an email straight away. If they are new to Actioned, they’ll be invited to join, and if they’re already using Actioned, they just need to click so that the workspace you created is added to their profile.
  5. You’ll then see your new workspace in the left menu here 🙂
    New workspace

Also see > How to Manage Workspaces (including inviting team members)

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