How to Manage Workspaces (including inviting team members)


If you want to make changes to one of your workspaces, this is easy to achieve.

  1. Go to the Workspace in the left menu (you’ll then be viewing the Actions for that workspace). Then click on “Workspace Setup” in the top right.
    Access workspace setup
  2. From here you can make all the changes you want. Workspace setupFor instance, you can;
    • Change the name of your workspace
    • Change the color identifier used for your workspace
    • Deactivate your workspace (if you no longer want to use it)
    • Set team members to be Managers (this gives them the ability to add actions for other team members, and to invite other team members)
    • Invite more team members to join your workspace
    • And, you can remove team members from the workspace (just click the “x” next to their name)
  3. Remember to click Save before you leave this page

Also see > How to How to setup different Workspaces (or Teams)

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