How to deactivate a workspace (and reactivate)


If you no longer need to use a particular workspace, you can deactivate by going to Workplace Settings.

First click on the Workplace name in the left menu, then you’ll see the Workspace Settings option in the top right. (You will only see this option if you are a manager of that workspace. Otherwise you’ll need to request to be added as a manager or for them to do this.)

workplace settings

From here, just click to deactivate the workspace. You’ll be asked to confirm this.

Deactivate workspace

Once you’ve deactivated a workspace, it will no longer show in your left menu and will not be included in the emails you receive. This workspace will now be deactivated for ALL team members.

workspace gone

If you need to reactivate this workspace in the future, you can find it under your Account settings.

navigate to account settings

From here, you’ll see your Deactivated Workspaces (if you have any).

deactivated workspaces

Just click on this to reactivate the workspace. You’ll then be asked for confirmation and your workspace will be reinstated.

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