How to create Recurring Actions


Recurring actions are great for those things that you want to remember to do on a regular basis.

Want to send your invoices each Friday? Want to post on social media each day? Want to take a walk each evening? Prepare for a meeting each month? Use recurring actions.

  1. To create a recurring action, you can’t use the quick, inline way to add actions, you need to click on these 3 dots and open the New Action popup.
    Add new action popup
  2. Then you simply add the description of your action and choose a recurring frequency. You can choose from; every day, every weekday (or weekend), every week on this day of the week, or every month on this date. If you need something to recur say twice a week, just add it in weekly on both days that you’d like it to recur.
    create a recurring action
  3. Click “Add Action” and you’re done.

Note that recurring actions *will not* appear as outstanding if you don’t do them on the day you set. (We don’t want you ending up with 17 outstanding actions telling you to “go for a run”!

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