How to change your email preferences


By default, you’ll receive an Update email from Actioned each weekday. This probably sounds like a lot but if you’re trying to keep on top of a busy team and keep everyone focused on making progress each day, this information is extremely useful.

The email will have ALL of YOUR actions, and the actions for each of your team members in your workspaces (only the actions that relate to those workspaces though).

But if you’d prefer to change your email preferences, here’s how you do it;

  1. Go to your Account Settings by clicking the arrow next to your name and photo in the very top right of the screen.
    My Account
  2. Then you’ll see your options for “Email Updates”.
    change email settings
  3. If you want to turn the emails off altogether, uncheck “Receive daily update emails”
  4. If you want to exclude one or more of your workspaces, just uncheck the name for that workspace.
  5. Then click “Close” and you’re done.
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