How do the Email Updates work?


Each day, everyone receives an email with a summary of the progress for themselves and their workspaces.

When are the Daily Emails sent?

These emails are sent at approximately 8:00 am each weekday (Monday-Friday) in each user’s local time zone.

What’s in the Daily Emails?

The emails contain;

  • A personal summary;
    • Actions you accomplished yesterday*
    • Actions you have planned or outstanding for today
  • For each workspace, the email also shows;
    • The actions accomplished yesterday* – listed by each team member
    • The actions planned for today – listed by each team member

*They actually include all actions accomplished since the last email was sent – including any you might do early in the morning. The emails sent on Mondays, include all the actions accomplished on Friday or on the weekend.

How do Daily Emails Help?

The idea of these emails is to;

  • Make you feel good about the progress you’re making and the actions you’ve completed
  • Prompt you to stay focused on the actions you have planned for the day (or to plan them if you haven’t yet!)
  • Show you what your team members have accomplished – so that you can give them a pat on the back
  • Show you what your team members will be working on today – so that you can have more useful conversations about the work that’s happening

Can I Unsubscribe?

Of course, you can unsubscribe to the Update Emails at any time.

Or, you can remove certain workspaces so that they are not included in your emails.

Click here for details on how to unsubscribe or choose which workspaces to include in your emails.

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