Benefits of using online tools (to enhance productivity) while proofreading files

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Working in marketing, advertising, content writing or any other similar field may help you in understand the importance of productivity. Creativity is a major factor in the success of productivity. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of using an online tool in increasing productivity.
You will get a chance to learn the best way of making your content production. Proofreading in a limited time is pretty a difficult task. All the big companies hire special sections for Quality assurance of their products and content.

For example, you might see the packaging, design layout, content, contact details, and other things on a grocery item. This looks very simple but perfect. However, if we look at the process of these arrangements, we should know that there is a special section in an industry that marks the quality of everything.


Uses of online tools for proofreading files

Everybody wants to increase productivity in his work. We can say that online tools for increasing productivity through proofreading can be used in every field. Following are the uses of these tools:

1. Bloggers

Bloggers always want to post their posts at maximum productivity. It becomes a much embarrassing moment for the bloggers, receiving an email of getting informed about a mistake in his post. In this way, there are several that helps bloggers to remove the maximum mistakes out of their blog.

2. Freelancers

We all know that clients always want to win the competition. In this regard, there are no chances of having a mistake in their projects. Having a little productivity in the content may ruin the project completely. However, using tools like grammar checker, you can increase the rate of perfection.

3. Content Writers

Whether you are writing for a brand or your own business, productivity is very significant. There was a time when content writers need to take hours to proofread their content. But the time has changed as content writers use these tools to fix up their mistakes.

Benefits of using online tools increase productivity

1. Accessibility

The first advantage in terms of productivity is the access to these tools. What’s better than accessing your favorite tool anywhere and at any time? Remember that sometimes the channel will dictate what you need to additionally check in your writing.

Some email marketing tools like constant contact and alternatives already have a prompt or check list to do quality checks, but in addition spam word sensitivity. Making it hard to go through and send email that has grammatical errors. But still you’d like to make sure your message is not just correct, but persuasive and answers the WIIFM (What’s in it for me) for your audience.

In old techniques, writers need to hire proofreaders that are available for a limited time. However, there is still room for error in manual proofreading. Talking further about it, we should see that these tools are usually allowed to use for free without any registration. Moreover, you can access the tool through your desktop and mobile. There are thousands of tools over a search engine for proofreading amongst which, some are mentioned below;

What’s better than accessing the proofreading tool on your mobile phone?

2. Efficiency and Speed

Imagine if you have content on more than 100 pages then how much time a manual proofreader takes? How much efficiency will be available?
Of course, it will take some weeks and still have less efficiency. However, if we have to use the online tool for it then we could complete it within minutes. This online tool is also efficient because it is available in multiple languages as a proofreader. Video subtitles, generated by a tool like, can be checked in less than a minute

3. Quality Assurance

Think of the manual quality assurance. It will be required to have some people gather at a place and all of them give you feedback about your content. All need to collaborate for an hour just for a page. However, online tools perform differently. Most of the online tools contain a markup tool that can highlight the problem. You can easily control your mistakes by following the suggestion of the tool.

Grammar checker by is one of the top tools that help in recovering your grammatical errors and other similar writing errors. However, if you use the
premium version, you can easily remove the errors that are defending the readability score.

The underlined words are actually mistakes or weaker words. The tool is informing you to click and get a suggestion to complete the mistake.

The underlined words are actually mistakes or weaker words. The tool is informing you to click and get a suggestion to complete the mistake.

4. Low Compliance Risks

Online proofreading software has very less chances of compliance risks. This is because these tools give you the option of controlling the approval system. This way, you can avoid any automatic small changes in the tool. The tool gives you the option of changing mistakes. It doesn't change automatically instead it needs your click as an approval to change.

5. Superior Transparency

Everybody wants to show his work to different peoples to increase his productivity. There are some websites like a proofhub, that don't proofread your content automatically. Instead, they make your content visible to different writers, collaborators, and stakeholders to review your writing. The amazing benefits of online tools include the progress report. You can easily know about the efficiency of your writing. At any time, whether you are a writer or stakeholder, you can review your content and track the report.

6. Fewer revisions

Working for manual proofreading requires multiple revisions. This usually happens because of human check errors. We can estimate the time required for proofreading of 100 pages with multiple revisions. On the other side, if we use the online tool then no revisions are required. If still you want to perform revisions, then it would take just some seconds or minutes.

7. Copy Writing

One of the most practices that writers do is copying other’s content. Remember, if you start making duplicate content then your productivity level will be zero. Increasing productivity is possible through having your own created content. Some proofreading tools indicate the duplication of your content. In this way, you can change the content that is already published over the internet. Plagiarism checker by is one of the keen tool to check duplication in your written content. You just need to paste your content, paste the link, or upload your file to check any duplication. This tool is free and without registration for limited work while you need a premium for permanent use.

The above picture shows the per cent of plagiarized content and unique content. The tool also tells about the paraphrased match as well as the source from where they match your content.

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