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Are you and your team ready to be a whole lot more productive?

With Actioned, you’ll…

> Get clear on what to work on each day <

> Get into the habit of doing what you said you’d do <

> Know what your team members are working on <

> Use focus and accountability to get the important things done <

Improve Team Productivity.

The Actioned App helps everyone get more of the important things done.

My Actions

Focus on what you need to get done today…

Team Actions

See the team’s planned & completed actions…

Actioned helps you and your team...

Plan Your Day:
Proactively decide which actions are most important to get done today

Work Together:
See exactly what everyone is working on and what they plan to do next

Take Focused Action:
Work on one planned action at a time and get it done

Track Your Progress:
Keep motivated by acknowledging your accomplishments

What Is Actioned?


Actioned is a simple productivity tool for individuals and teams.

Each day, everyone updates what they got done and what they plan to do the next day. Everyone can see what everyone else is doing.

Suddenly, teams start working together.

The focus on today helps everyone take consistent actions towards their goals.


Actioned is not a project management tool. (Gantt charts are actually not that useful.)

Instead, Actioned puts everyone in charge of their day.

It works like an office whiteboard that keeps everyone focused on what they need to do today, and be in sync with their team.

Actioned helps you focus on what’s important and helps your team work together.

With Actioned, you’ll need a lot fewer meetings.

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