The Actioned
Productivity Manifesto


* Prioritization *

Plan your day.

Be intentional and proactively decide how your day will unfold.

Use ruthless prioritization.

Choose 3-5 small, but meaningful actions to do that day.

Each action should be achievable in under an hour.

* Focus *

Take focussed action.

Work on one important action at a time.

Work on that action until it’s complete (or you’re blocked by something external).

Protect your focus from other distractions and less important tasks.

Do what you said you do and get into the habit of completing all your planned actions.

* Accountability *

Get extra leverage and announce your intentions to your team (then don’t let them down).

Be brave and use positive peer pressure to help achieve your goals.

Support your team members and help them achieve their goals.

Hold yourself and others to high standards.

* Momentum *

Keep motivated by acknowledging your accomplishments.

Use the satisfaction of ticking things off to keep your motivation high.

Watch your actions build up and “Don’t Break the Chain” (the Seinfeld method).

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